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Founded in Albania, Clean Global is a worldwide organization with the mission to educate youth on littering, inspire leadership in communities, and provide a platform where individuals can leap into action. We aim to combat increased littering that followed the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a platform where individuals can report littered areas and directing volunteers to the reported sites. If our mission resonates with you, we encourage you to become a member or ambassador of our organization.

Our Team

Samuel Gjonaj

Founder & Executive Director

Evarist Bego

Admissions Officer

Angel Cinco-Sligh

Social Media Manager

Sindi Gjonaj

Co-Founder & Web Developer



Covid-19 put things into perspective—a global issue can seemingly emerge out of nowhere and change our lives for the worse. The issue of littering, however, is something that we know prevails. CleanGlobal provides direction to those who are motivated to help yet may not know where to start. By connecting with one another and working as a global community, we can prevent another worldwide issue from further escalating before it’s too late.


Samuel Gjonaj


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