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App Developer Wanted!

Our organization is currently looking to build a team of interested computer programmers that are willing to help develop the CleanGlobal app. Through this application (planned for iPhone and Android) members will have the ability to report littered areas in faster and more efficient ways. Specifically, this app will enable precise tracking of locations, efficient communications with other members, and the ability to create a personal profile that keeps track of volunteer/recruitment information. There also are other ideas planned beyond these developments and we will be open to any suggestions you may bring once you become a member of our team.

To become a programmer for our team you must demonstrate:

  • Proficiency in English
  • Minimum 2 years of Computer Science classes (Highschool/University level) with submitted grade reports for each.
  • Proficiency in either Java, Swift, Python, or C/C++

*Programmers can be from any country but must keep in mind we are currently operating in a Central European Timezone.

* Any awards/experiences in computer science/mathematics you think could increase your legibility are always recommended.

If our mission of helping save environments from littering resonates with you, we strongly encourage you to apply below or simply email us at for any questions. Currently, we are a nonprofit organization meaning your work is voluntary instead of paid. However, we predict this can change in the future; we can then negotiate compensation and your shares of the company. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we thank you for any help in expanding our mission

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